Food Allergies more Common and Severe in Children

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Jun 21, 2011

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Girl eat foodFood allergies can kill and are more severe in children. Yes. This is the result of a recent study conducted by the journal Paediatrics. The study busts the myth that the most that a food allergy can do is to give you an itchy throat or a tummy ache. Food allergies can asphyxiate and even lead to death if not treated immediately. The research has also confirmed that children within the age of 18 are more susceptible to food allergies.


Allergies are more common and severe in children because parents fail to get them tested for allergies from a qualified allergist. More importantly an allergy attack is always thought to be mild and parents think that it will go away in sometime.


The problem with food allergies is that there is no way of testing as to who will have a fiercer reaction to allergy and who will suffer from only mild symptoms. Also the only prevention for food allergy is that patients avoid the allergy causing food and also carry an epinephrine auto-injector for dire emergencies.


For the study, the researchers looked at the diagnostic data provided for around 38000 children. It was found that 8 % children under the age of 18  are at an increased risk of food allergies. It was also revealed that Asian and African are most vulnerable to allergies and that white children are more prone to getting a confirmed diagnosis. Food allergy was also found to be a class related irritant as children living in households with incomes bordering at $50000 were at a lesser risk of developing allergies. However, researchers are of the opinion that the latter findings are not substantial in nature and there is further research required to prove their validity.


Items that can cause allergies in children include peanuts, milk and milk products, pollen and dust. Therefore, parents need to ensure that their children stay away from triggers. Care should be taken when ordering food and carrying epinephrine auto-injectors should be made a habit so that any disastrous outcome can be avoided. 


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