5 Research backed reasons to include leg exercise in your fitness routine

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Jul 13, 2017

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Quick Bites

  • Legs workout regimen helps strengthen the core.
  • Reduces risk of injuries to joints.
  • Supports healthy weight management.

The benefits of a good leg workout are not limited to just your legs. Leg exercises can help your body in numerous ways. They can help you build a strong core and hence help you become a better athlete. In almost every sport, lower body strength is the key. Balance, speed, agility, strength and improved metabolism are a few of the many pros of leg workouts. Here are some reasons why you should not skip a “leg day” at your gym. 

Building a stronger core

Most core building exercises usually focus only on abdominal muscles and do nothing for your back. A good core exercise should include workouts for both abdomens and back to be effective. Leg workouts such as lunges and squats are great for you if your aim is a stronger core. These exercises work on multiple core muscles at once and are your best bet to have a good core workout without straining your back. 

They help with diabetes

People with type 2 diabetes usually have metabolic dysfunction, which means that their metabolism is not up to the mark. Resistance training is found to be effective for such people and can help them manage their disease better. Strength training has also shown benefits for diabetic patients as it can help manage insulin resistance. 

Effective in minimising knee problems

It is a general belief that most leg workouts are not good for your knees, however, if done correctly leg exercises can not only help with knee pain, they can strengthen the thigh muscles leading to a better support for your knees. Exercises such as leg extensions, barbell lunges, and dumbbell step-ups can help you fight that knee pain and build stronger muscles. 

Shoot up your metabolism

Leg workouts such as squats and lunges are good for increasing muscle mass and building your leg muscles. Building leg muscles can help with your fitness goals as muscles usually burn much more calories than fat, having a greater muscle mass will lead to a higher metabolism rate

Tone your body

While watching what you eat can help lose those extra calories, it will just make you leaner and not necessarily help you to achieve that desired shape. Leg exercises shape and tone your legs, and your core, helping you to reach the goals of that fabulous and toned body. Exercises such as single leg dead lift and Swiss ball leg curl can help you achieve that toned core.



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