Five patients die in ICU of city trauma centre as oxygen fails

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Dec 05, 2012

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Four patients die in ICU

In a sheer case of negligence, five people have died in the ICU of a trauma centre in New Delhi after a failure in the oxygen supply.

While four critically ill patients died at the Sushruta Trauma Centre on Tuesday morning, the fifth succumbed on Wednesday.

Patients who were on a ventilator support at the Government Trauma Centre in North Delhi died after the oxygen supply in the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit went off for nearly 30 minutes.

The slackness which has taken five lives occurred at 6:40 am on Tuesday, when the alarm indicating oxygen supply went off and could not be restored for nearly half an hour.

The trauma centre was set up in 1998 to provide life support to the victims of critical accidental cases.

According to the hospital authorities, the contractor in charge of keeping the oxygen supply failed to ensure enough back-up of oxygen cylinder which has led to the unfortunate event.

Meanwhile, the Health Ministry has ordered an inquiry to investigate the deaths.

Health Minister Dr A K Walia said a three-member inquiry has been formed under the Special Secretary, Health, to investigate the deaths. A report will be submitted in three days.

“The inquiry, headed by S B Shashank, Special Secretary (Health), will look into the causes of the incident, possible faults on the part of the company and our own staff, and the responsibilities of the anaesthesia department,” Dr Walia said.

The relatives of the deceased have staged a massive protest against the hospital authorities.



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