6 health and fitness myths you should never believe in

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Nov 17, 2017

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Quick Bites

  • Relating sweat to calories or workout is wrong.
  • A slim body is fit as long as it can move well.
  • Crunches are excellent to tone your stomach, but not the best.

There are innumerable fitness myths spread through word of mouth that we presume to be facts. We may have come across these fitness myths on the television or have heard them from athletes, celebrities, family or friends. These misconceptions keep floating, from someone to you and so on.

To save yourself from being carried away, take a look at the fitness myths and facts that debunk these myths.

Myth: More workout is better

Fact: Several individuals have unrealistic expectations as they believe they will become stronger and athletic with more workout. Adding more volume or increasing frequency of workout is more likely to hamper one’s health than do better. In a quest to work harder, individuals forget the actual way or skill of working out and end up not yielding any benefits out of the activity.

Myth: One must drink a gallon of water every day

Fact: There is no definite answer to how much water you need per day. It depends on each individual and his/her lifestyle. Athletes, sportspersons and individuals on workout regimen may require more than one gallon of water. In a nutshell, fluid intake is right if you believe that you are drinking enough and rarely feeling thirst.

Myth: Heated workouts help you burn more calories

Fact: It is true that you burn more calories when you work harder, but relating sweat to calories or workout is wrong. You may feel hot and sweaty due to the intensity of your workout, but how much you sweat when you work out is not linked to the number of calories you burn.

Myth: Cycling makes your thigh muscles bigger

Fact: Cycling is an excellent cardiovascular activity that improves your overall fitness. It is not a strength builder as it requires working with the muscles. Cycling with resistance will only ascertain that you are burning more calories, but hoping that quads will get bigger is unrealistic.

Myth: Crunches are the best abs-toning exercise

Fact: Crunches are indeed an excellent exercise to tone your stomach, but not the best. Exercises that include multiple muscle groups altogether (including stomach muscles) are the best for toning abs.

Myth: Thin body is the fit body

Fact: One with a thin body profile may need to work out as well to attain the fitness level. Thin body may look fit and fine, but may not be fit inside. Never consider a slim body as a fitness indicator. A body that can move well is fit.

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