First Night Tips for Women

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
May 01, 2013

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First Night Tips for Women

The first night for a woman is a night full of anxiety, the heart gets racing and you are left to imagine what it would be like. The first thing that comes to a woman’s mind is that it is probably going to be painful, and that it won’t feel that good after all. A wrong step taken can result to a bad night and things can turn awkward, so you dear woman need to be careful, take these tips into consideration.

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Have a Talk

Talk to someone who has had sex before and get an insight on the sex game, on the other hand you can also talk to a counselor, doctor or even your partner for that matter. But while talking to your partner you should not do the mistake of creating the sexual encounter before hand, let it come as it may. Just have a talk about you issues and problems that you may be facing. This will make things easier when the time finally comes.

Bleeding and Pain

There is no other way of sugarcoating this, because you losing your virginity mean that you will be hurt and bleed to some extent. This does not mean that your sexual experience will forever be a painful one; this will not last for long. The best way to get yourself relaxed and calm is to include foreplay before the intercourse takes place. You must keep in mind that even your man is equally anxious and scared because he too knows about the condition of females when losing their virginity.

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Don’t Question Yourself

The most common question that rings in a woman’s mind is whether her partner would like it or not. Of course it is an important question because relationships have ruined due to lack of physical satisfaction, but be calm. Sexual satisfaction is a big question for both the sexes and you will only make yourself nervous by thinking too much on the subject, just go easy with the flow. The best way to deal with this fear is to ask your partner what he likes to do in bed, and then just follow what he says. You must also try to take it gently, rushing into things is just plain wrong, this is your first time, so do enjoy the moment.

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Be Confident

Confidence is the key to many of life’s successes, and so it is the same with sex. We understand that this is your first time, but you shouldn’t be shy about it, try and be confident. Being shy and stiff can come across as being boring in bed, and your man would definitely not like that. But be careful not to take things in your hands and take the lead, there needs to be a fine line. As things get heated up, try and think this would be your last time, and spice it up. You can put on some exciting lingerie and never fear to experiment.

Be Passionate

Let your man know that you need him, men like that feeling. Hold on to your man and hang on to him, dig your nails deep on his back when you are experiencing pleasure and let him know that you are his. Being passionate is a virtue when it comes to sex, and you will do well if you can keep things heated in bed with your partner.

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