Find out if you are Falling into an Abyss of Depression

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Nov 06, 2013

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Quick Bites

  • Depression changes the normal to abnormal.
  • There comes a change in mood and character.
  • Physical changes are also quite clear during this time.
  • Depressed person also contemplates suicide.

Depression is an uninvited guest who comes in and walks out from time to time in everybody’s lives. It can however over stay in some and become the cause for worry. Are you depressed? Know its symptoms and get treated.

symptoms of depressionFeeling the blues is normal, but if you are addictive to its melancholy tune then there could be something wrong with you. Being depressed can turn your life upside down and take you into an abyss of sorrow. You will find that depression is causing you so much trouble that getting through the day could get increasingly difficult. Normality will change to abnormality and life will never be happy again. If you know the symptoms for depression then it would be easy for you to take care of it and change your life for the better.

Change in Psychological Behaviour

You will find that is a definitive change in your behaviour, you wouldn’t want to go out or socialise. There is high chance that a person suffering from depression will take up alcohol or drugs, and he or she will detach himself or herself from society. More than often people in depression have very different views and ideas regarding most things, these may not be acceptable by most. The most common being, “life is not worth living”.

Change in Feelings

There seems to be a change in the way a depressed person feels when compared to a normal person. Most depressed beings feel helpless and at a loss, there is a certain void in their lives that doesn’t seem to get filled by anything at all. Feelings of frustration, guilt, sudden paroxysm of anger or disappointment are evident in people who are depressed. Talking about feelings, a depressed person always comes out to be a sad being.

Change in Physical Behaviour

There is also a distinct change in the physical behaviour of a depressed person. If you are depressed you will lack the zeal to do anything, there is a tired feeling all the time. You will have headaches, and would want to simply rest for most part of the day. Additionally, a depressed person will also face trouble when sleeping, insomnia can be common.

Tendency to Commit Suicide

The thought about life being worthless can go onto a whole new level when a depressed person starts to contemplate suicide. Depression is a major cause for suicides, and you ought to be very careful. The feelings of hopelessness and despair only lead to thoughts of ending it all, it is like an escapade. If life ends, all the trouble also disappears along with it.

The best option for you is to visit a psychiatrist and take professional help. Prolong depression can be extremely harmful and at times patients have no point of return. Therapies for depression can help ease all depressive behaviours. You have to give life another chance, and you have to belief that this life of yours is a gift.

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