Fight depression with your head held high

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Jan 10, 2011

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Fight depressionAs recession takes hold, a significant number of people  specially between the ages of 25 to 30 are depressed and struggling to cope up with it.  This is raising concern among psychologists. " Within the last 3 months there’s a three-fold increase in patients, especially the younger lot suffering depression due to recession," says Dr Jitendra Nagpal, senior consultant, psychiatry (CDAHC), Moolchand Medcity.


The scourge of emotions


Depression can hit with the force of a tornado, tearing down lives, but treatment is effective in four out of five cases.Depression is a disturbance in mood characterized by varying degrees of sadness, disappointment, loneliness, hopelessness, self-doubt and guilt.  "During  recession, we have seen  three kinds of depression patients. Around 10 - 15 % are really victims of recession, 60-70% suffer from perceived threat of depression and 20 -30%  are the ones not directly affected but the situation around depresses them. This should not be confused with depression which is referred to as 'feeling blue' or 'being in a bad mood" says Dr Nagpal. In the next level of depression, symptoms become more intense that suicide may seem the only solution.


Common indicators


o  Constantly feeling sad, irritable and tensed

o  Decreased interest

feeling lathargic

Change in appetite, with significant weight loss or weight gain

o  Disturbed sleep

o  Lack of concentration

Feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness or guilt

o  Thoughts of suicide




The first group of depression patients should be constantly in company of someone all the time, it is very important to communicate with them.  Management of this illness depends on the awareness of the patient and relatives. If we take into account the personal-social-occupational dysfunction it causes during this period and the risk of suicide, it is best to start treatment at the earliest. Treatment is available , in the form of pharmacotherapy, cognitive therapy, behaviour therapy, interpersonal therapy, supportive therapy, family therapy, educating the patient and the family about the illness and the need for  medication.


It’s important for people to accept depression patients as normal individuals. Do not call the recession-affected people as patients.


Self-Help Tips 


  • Inculcate hobbies.
  • Exercise 
  • Practice meditation, yoga and chanting 
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • See a physician, if complaints persist.  

Guidelines for Family Physicians


The primary care physician should refer patients with depressive disorders to psychiatrist if:

  • Suicidal risk 
  • Necessity for hospitalization 
  • Failure of an adequate anti-depressant trial 
  • Suspected need for combined medication and psychotherapy


Save yourself from depression as every dark cloud has a silver lining and you are precious. Be a fighter. If I were asked to give what I consider the single most useful bit of advice for all humanity, it would be this: Expect trouble as an inevitable part of life and when it comes, hold your head high. Look it squarely in the eye and say,   “I will be bigger than you. You cannot defeat me.”


- Ann Landers

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