Feeling Angry? Try Talking

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Jun 11, 2013

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angry young man

Feeling angry has a new remedy as according to a new study the act of describing a feeling such as anger may have a significant impact on your body’s physiological response to the situation that elicits the emotion.

The study by Karim Kassam from Camehie Mellon University and Wendy Mendes from the University of California, San Francisco were both asked to complete a rather difficult math test in front of evaluators trained to offer negative feedback as they continued to work on the assignment.

The negative feedback that was given was mainly to illicit anger in some of the participants, while shame in some others. Then at the end of the task the participants were given questionnaire that appraised their feelings, about how angry they were then. Also there were a set of neutral questions to assess their emotional state.

The participants who were in an angry state and completed the questionnaire about the emotional state had different physiological responses that are measured by heart rate changes, in comparison to those who answered neutral questions.

Among these participants, reporting on one's emotional state was associated with a smaller increase in heart rate compared to not reporting on it.

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