Feel like a brand new person with Dance Therapy

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Aug 10, 2010

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Dance Tried everything for that pesky knee pain but somehow the pain just doesn't seem to stay away for good? Don't fret because after Allopathy, Homeopathy, Physiotherapy and Yoga, there is a new technique aimed at easing your pain and even giving you comfort by relieving your stress. This innovative new treatment called Dance Therapy inculcates the graceful movements of Indian classical and folk dance to give you an innovative, holistic approach to therapy.Dance is no longer just used for entertainment or as a showcase of ones culture. Certain dance moves have been incorporated into a famous form of exercise called aerobics. But aerobics has its restrictions since it only targets your body. Dance therapy on the other hand is an integration of the body, mind and emotions. This is achieved by making the individual feel like a part of a song by making them move to carefully designed dance movements. This calms the nerves and soon you begin to enjoy the dance. In addition to getting rid of pain, dance therapy is also a great way to keep fit. It is a fun new form of exercise which is not fonly a great workout for you body but for your soul as well.


Dance therapy is also a powerful tool for stress management and prevention of physical and mental ailments. It is a free movement of the mind and body to the rhythm of the music which not only stimulates your limbs and muscles but also your internal organs. The dance movements are simple and give strong results. For this reason, there is no age or gender restriction. This form of therapy can be used in the treatment of diabetes, stress, obesity, psychiatric problems and rheumatism. It has also proved to be very effective in helping cancer patients recover after surgeries.


Dr. A.V Satyanarayana, Director of Shristi Institute of Dance Therapy, has been teaching dance therapy for 9 years now. During this period he has treated more than 500 people through this innovative new method. Being the only person in the country to get a Doctorate in dance, it would be safe to say that he knows what he is doing. "The main aim of dance therapy is controlling the effect of the ailment and not the eradication of the disease itself," says Satyanarayana. "Dancing creates a lot of mobility in the body and increases your metabolism rate. This in turn results in the complete utilisation of medicine to help you reap its benefits," he adds.


It is so safe that even pregnant women can indulge in dance therapy which helps strengthen their back muscles, waist, abdomen and pelvis. It strengthens the woman's back to help her bear the additional weight and also improves muscle tone and flexibility which makes the process of child birth easier. Apart from this, it is a great mental booster as it keeps the woman happy and de-stressed.


Dr. Satyanarayana's institute also utilises dance therapy to create sex drive for couples. Since this therapy is scientifically recognised, many gynaecologists and sexologists have recommended their patients to him. Since dance is a symphony of music and movements, it creates a symphony in the mind, spirit and bodies of husband and wife.


In a span of a 20 hour course, you won't even realise that you have been healed while you danced your way to good health. Consider this form of therapeutic dance for permanent relief and to feel like a brand new person.


Dance is no longer limited to entertainment or to showcase ones culture. It is even potent enough to nurse your ill health. Bangalore shows how.

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