10 Facts about Condoms

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Apr 03, 2013

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Facts about CondomsA condom, when expanded fully can hold around 3.8 litres of liquid. This explanation is given just to give you an idea of the reliability and durability of the condom.

These days, most condoms are made from latex, though polyurethane or lamb intestines are also used in a few.

Latex condoms have been found to protect against transmission of HIV infection. Contraception with ones made from polyurethane and lamb intestines do not.

Condoms can break during intercourse if there are air bubbles inside it. You need to be careful when putting it on to not allow any air bubble to remain.

Using two condoms at a time, be it two male condoms with one stretched on top of the other or male and female condoms together, does not reduce the risk of pregnancy or contracting an STD. On the contrary, the friction between the two condoms makes it more likely for them to tear.

Condoms can become brittle if exposed to heat and sunlight. It can also happen if condoms are past their expiry date. So, use unexpired condoms and store them in cool and dry place.

Around 5 billion condoms are used every year worldwide.

More than 40% women buy condoms. Female condoms are in demand too.

Using oils and lotions for lubrication can cause the latex of the condom to break down. That is why it is recommended to use condoms based on either water or silicone.

There are more than 100 brands of condoms in the world.

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