Facts about Babysitting

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Jul 11, 2011

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Baby sitting has become a business now. On one hand, baby sitters can earn additional income and on the other, parents are not worried about their kids when they are not at home. But everyone is not a responsible baby sitter. So if someone is really interested in becoming one, then he/she should first attend few classes on babysitting and get certified before becoming an official baby sitter. If your own child is babysitting somewhere then make sure he/she is aware of general first aid and what should be done in case of any emergency. Also make sure his/her reputation is credible.

Once you go for babysitting, make sure you reach ten minutes early as it leaves a good impression on the family. Besides this there are few things which you should know beforehand.

  • The name of the child.
  • His/her age, weight.
  • Phone numbers of his/her parents.
  • Who are the neighbours?
  • Contact number of the child’s doctor.
  • Local emergency numbers.
  • Location of important things for the baby.
  • Rules of the house.
  • Schedule of the baby.
  • The office hours of the parents.

Managing kids is not simple as it seems. It’s a challenge and requires interest. You cannot deal with kids in the same way you deal with adults. You need to be creative so that every interaction you have with a kid transforms into a learning experience for them.

Before you decide to babysit for someone, there are a few facts and pointers that you need to keep in mind.

  • Ask yourself what kind of house and family will suit you.
  • This job should ensure child’s safety as well as your safety too.
  • Once you take up this job then child’s safety is in your hands starting from her/his meals to their sleep.
  • Kids also need entertainment and fun so you should be a good entertainer keeping the rules intact.
  • You should be respectful towards the parents as well as the child in order to gain their trust.
  • Do everything confidently.
  • First discipline yourself then only you will be able to discipline the child. Therefore, don’t smoke, don’t abuse and don’t give physical punishment to them.
  • Remember that the child’s responsibility should be a priority for you; always.


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