Facebook, Twitter Feeds make you Insecure

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Jul 09, 2012

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Facebook Twitter Feeds make you InsecureA British research claims that social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, feed anxiety and make users insecure. The result of the survey was quite astonishing because it was found out that social networking was addiction to 55 percent respondents, who became worried or uncomfortable when they had no access of social networking portals.

Survey panel of The Salford Business School retrieved information from 300 users. Surveyors found out that 50 percent users experience distress due to online updates, and exuded low self-confidence.

Two-third of them had troubles relaxing completely or even sleeping after spending time on social portals, while one-quarter respondents were having a difficult time at their workplace or in their relationship owing to online activities. Surprisingly, over 60 percent respondents were compelled to turn off cell phones, or devices. Also, one-third said that they had to switch off their devices several times a day.

The research underlined that social media add to the vows of individuals predisposed to anxiety, to make them insecure.


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