Eye flu and your child

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Feb 04, 2013

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Eye flu and your childYou cannot possibly police your child to maintain hygiene and erase every possibility of them being in the grip of eye flu. He or she might jump into a puddle of water, touch dirty objects and certainly be high on carefree attitude.


Mrs. Sharma whose daughter recently recovered from conjunctivitis holds her daughter’s friend (who too suffered from pink eye) responsible for transferring the virus. So, we asked Dr Ashok Hansaria, Ophthalmologist at Shivam Netralaya about why children are more vulnerable to catching conjunctivitis.

He says, “Virus transfer happens when children touch objects around them either knowingly or unknowingly. In this regard it is important for parents to know that conjunctivitis is self-limiting and maintaining personal hygiene is therefore very important."


Dr Hansaria, lists 4 most important measures to ensure child health:

1.    Become your child’s idol: As a responsible parent, you must make your child imitate hygiene habits. For instance:

•    Make them rinse off the dirt with antibacterial soap or sanitizer and ask them to rub hands vigorously for 20 seconds.
•    Ask them to wash hands before and after eating, after touching sick or an injured person or handling garbage.


2.    Maintain personal hygiene outside your home: Either at school or in the playground, caution your child against sharing handkerchiefs and other objects of the child infected with eye flu.


3.    Educate: Tell them why it is important to maintain personal hygiene i.e. to keep infections at bay.


4.     Medical Treatment: Since immune system of kids is not fully developed they are more prone to catching infections. As far as medical treatment is concerned, for bacterial infections, eye ointments are typically used for younger infants who have contracted eye flu, while older children usually do better with eye drops.




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