Exercise at home

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Jun 23, 2011

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Exercise at homeIf you are too busy to go out to a proper gym, the next best thing would be to work out in your apartment.


After a long day's work, people tend to fail to catch up on their gym schedules and this is where home gym equipment comes into the picture.


Thanks to the rising trend of exercising at home, more and more equipment is getting sold. While these include the ubiquitous exercise cycles, modern equipment like treadmills with integrated TV, radio and data storage pen drive facilities for users to keep a track of their exercise routines are also making their way into the market.


"The newest equipment with us now is the upgraded exercise cycle, which is not just for stamina, but also for strength and displays the speed, calories and weight. People can pick up basic equipments like cycles, elliptical trainers, abdomen trainers, step platforms, treadmills, vibrators and massagers, which are cardiovascular exercise equipments," says Srinivasan N, branch manager of First Fitness Zone in Koramangala.


Commenting on new products, Chitra Parameshwaran, sales manager of Wellness store in Koramangala, says, "Usually equipments are upgraded with better features in already existing ones. Some of the new features are LCD monitors and USB ports that allow people to download their exercise records on thumb drives. A new rehab equipment called Vibrogym is good for improving metabolism with the help of vibration. The brand ambassador of this equipment is Yana Gupta."


Rajgopal and Baradwaj, managers of Fitness Hours, Kaggadasapura say that there are a lot of buyers for Orbitrack, which is an elliptical trainer as well as a cycle, which is priced at Rs 14,000. They say that budget-conscious home gymmers go in for manual treadmills, which are as good as motor treadmills and also more affordable.


"Many people are health conscious these days. A lot of people buy treadmills and cycles are catching up too," says Om Prakash Patnaik, branch manager of Acme Fitness, Residency Road.


"These days, people prefer cardiovascular equipments for home use. It is mostly treadmills and cycles. The new equipment of late is the seated elliptical. Vibrating machines are new and are doing well too," says Ravichandra, manager of Stay Fit.


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