Exchanging Explicit Content over Phone on a Rise Among Teens

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Oct 10, 2014

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Teen SextingA new study has shown that there is a large number of American teens who are into sexting- sending and receiving explicit images on cellphone.

A survey was conducted on 1,130 undergraduate students by the researchers of University of Utah which asked about their sexting experiences in high school.

Almost 20 percent of the participants admitted to have sent explicit photos of themselves to other people via mobile phones and 38 percent of them accepted to have received such content.  Amongst people who had received a sext messages, one in five forwarded the picture to another.

The lead author of study and professor of psychology at the University of Utah, Don Strassberg said "the results are nearly identical to the findings from our 2013 study of high school students".

He added "we believe the consistency reflects a valid estimate of the prevalence of teen sexting - and the numbers are considerable".

Strassberg says that both the studies conducted from his lab and the ones conducted across the US show that sending explicit selfies is increasing at a significant rate across the country.

The research which was conducted at the University of Utah over a period of three years has been published in the journal Computers in Human Behavior.

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News source: Business-standard.com

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