Excerpts from an Interview with Dr. Trupti Jayin

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Feb 07, 2012

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Trupti jaiyanWhat got you interested in Past Life Exploration?

In life there comes a time when your awareness takes a 360 degree turn. The death of my father in 1999 was a watershed moment. His 72 hours transcendental journey with astral travel visiting my sister's home in New York and coming back with intricate details during that time turned me from a skeptic to a believer in realms unexplored and the unchartered mind. My life's purpose changed and today as my guide Manu he gives me guidance and a direction to help others. My travel in past life began on 14th November 1999 at 2.05 pm and the last decade has taken me into the minds and times of more than a thousand people and my awe for the subject has grown. The best gift this science has taught me is to accept uncertainity for it can always keep you in a space to learn and grow in any direction. It allows you to never become finite in your thinking and removes all limitations of thought, effort and action.

Clinical Psychologist, Occupational Therapist, Past life Therapist, Tarot Divination, Pythagorean, Numerology, Feng Shui Master, NLP Facilitator and EMDR Facilitator, you have mastered this all. Are all these roles inter-connected and are all of them equally important to lead a peaceful life?

Ans: Gosh! I really haven't wasted my time on earth! Each time I learn a new skill or technique it surprises me how all of them teach similar stuff. Numerology talks about how the vibrations present in numbers can impact your life and then when we learn about compound numbers like 13 we can correlate it to the Major Arcana card 13 which is Death and understand that that too has the similar meaning of Transformation. When I relate this to Feng Shui and the number combination of 13/4 indicate the wood which is yang and could be stubborn. Esoteric work is fascinating all interwoven and interlinked. Many times to get a better insight of my psychiatric patients I do ask them to pick up a tarot card or ask them their birthday. NLP or EmDr are techniques which could help with processing blocks. Remember all is one only the routes to knowing the truth could be different.

Can you explain how past life affects our present and how can the exploration help make it better?

Ask yourself the question- Is our past dead? Every event, situation or relationship that has happened in our present life from childhood to now has made your personality today so if we were to trace back in this life itself much will be known and released from your psyche making you understand and change your ways. This is done through age regression but there is only 10percent that you can clear that also if you are lucky. The rest of the 90 percent which is critically important for your peace lies deep in the crevices of your mind. All this is made up of impressions from your past lives. Clearing these repititive patterns and karmic download can free you from the chains that bind you. Past life therapy can give you insight, free you from karmic patterns and allow spiritual growth.

How has it made a difference in your life?

It has been a gift. My understanding of life and death has transformed. I know today that when you investigate life you are actually knowing about death. Death of old ideas, patterns, images, relationships and you realise how transient all this is. I know and accept that Iam here for a short time and I have given myself an opportunity to explore dimensions of eternal truth. This Satya is multidimensional and once I will know this there is nothing else left worth knowing. Each person who comes to me gives me an opportunity to know this. I have become more humble and bow down literally to all who impose faith in my work and me. I have embraced grace in full. Every person gives me also a glimpse into possibly many facets of my past lives that Imay have lived and by exploring theirs a part of me is also getting healed. They unknowingly are helping me. The oneness becomes visible and I get connected to different soul group members.
I am on a different path now .... One of meditation and hope to become awake soon.

Since you started as a therapist, how has your journey been so far, where you get to meet people from different backgrounds with different issues?

The journey has been awesome. People of all faiths and nationalities come to meet me. I see people from the corporate world, Bollywood, head honchos, media professionals to housewifes, writers, bankers and even Jain Munis. Each one teaches me about life and their journeys lessons. As a therapist I would view their problems as medical or psychiatric but today they are no longer viewed as problems or abnormalities but just as a pattern or residue from some lifetime that has to be released in a cathartic manner to heal. When someone comes and tells me , Do you think something is wrong with me? I say, ' No, not at all, you just need some aligning to your natural self.'


Has dealing with other’s problems ever affected you?


Never. Its their pattern or problem not mine. Would you take your neighbors garbage bin in your home? No right so why would someones problem be mine. They have come for a solution and I have to help them to heal. As it has been years in this work it is second nature for me to detach while I work. A part of me is always meditating. Also I am basically a very happy person and have a loving family at home who appreciate and love me completely so my stability quotient is very high.

As a therapist and psychologist, how challenging is your role?

Very challenging. Everytime I have to work with a skeptIc who would like to try other therapies as his belief in past lives is not there I allow other traditional forms of therapy to be done and then after a few sessions the patient will ask questions like - Iwonder how will I ever know my purpose and then looks at me and will quiz me about how a past life session can help him. Every patient is so unique that my work is never boring.


Initially when you started out as past life regression therapist, did you face any challenges from society?

Anything radically different from traditional therapies in the psychiatric community is viewed with skepticism but if you believe it can help your patients nothing should stop you. This was my attitude and I had the support of my amazing patients. When I returned after my training I asked my patients who were on traditional therapies whether they would like to try plr and to my surprise they agreed. Many got to leave or reduce their medication and the word spread within my psychiatrists friends that I was upto something. Many senior doctors started referring and the results were encouraging. Many would call and say,' Trupti try the therapy before I prescribe the drug. Or they would say- Maybe the patient needs you and not the drug.' I faced no criticism or negative feedback.

Can you share your experience when you did ‘Raaz Phicle janam ka’ on Imagine?

The show was a challenge to me for it was the first time in the world and so we had no previous knowedge or blueprint to follow. From the choice of the subjects to the therapy technique to making participants comprehension of the process everything was to be managed by me. It was just wonderful. I was to do two regressiions in a day so that meant sitting for 6 hours on the chair. Also I had no repeat time to do the regression - if it didn't go well 8 lakh would be gone down so the selection of the subject had to be bang on. The show is a milestone as I saw the response I got in London in december was just fantastic. British crew members there were so enamoured with it that they commented - this is fantastic therapy.
The show made me realize that when you are ready for uncertanity magical things can happen to you.

The show generated a lot of controversies, where some people claimed that memories narrated by the contestants could be their own imagination. What is your say on this?

All memories are within your collective consiousness and during regressions they surface. Imagination is always personal and cannot be influenced by anything or anyone. You cannot imagine what does not exist in ones consciousness. Why would someone consciously want to imagine that he is a murderer if it is not truely happening during the session. And once they see this their problem vanishes or reduces. How can a false memory or imagination as people understand heal. There is more to your life that once you know and release can heal you. People who are critical have closed themselves to the miracles of the mind, I have nothing to say to them and nothing to prove to them.

Can you tell our readers about SETU and what does it aims at?


SETU stands for 'Study of the EnlighTened U'. It is a sangha of people who join in to study and explore dimensions beyond through equipping themselves with esoteric knowledge. Through workshops and seminars I try to build bridges which one can walk on and know the infiniteness that exists in us all.

I work with children and parents througb spiritual parenting workshops, Adolescents and young adults in Rage to Sage workshops on Anger Management and teach Past life therapy through my Mystic Journey workshop. As morwe and more people have got interested I now teach Intuitive Tarot, Numerology and Feng Shui. Very soon I will teach Life between Life Regression too.We must live our life like the honey bees who carry the nectar from the outside world and then begin to turn inward to make honey. The sweetness of you life can be only experienced in the inner darkness of chaos. Hold no fear for that will be your death knell.

Reproduced with Permission from www.punekar.com


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