Everything you needed to know about juice therapy

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Sep 25, 2017

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Quick Bites

  • Fresh juices of vegetable and fruits have plenty of naturally occurring vitamins.
  • Fresh juice of vegetables and fruits is valuable for many diseases.
  • The nutrients from fresh juice are well absorbed into the bloodstream.

Juice therapy considers that the health-promoting properties of fresh juices are beneficial for treatment of several diseases. Juices of fresh fruit & vegetable possess remarkable health-promoting properties and have been used for centuries by naturopaths for treatment of several illnesses. The nutritional and biochemical properties of freshly-prepared fruit and vegetable have been increasingly recognized in recent times.

Fresh juices of vegetable and fruits have plenty of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and enzymes which are far better than synthetic tablets. These nutrients are well absorbed into the bloodstream and in some minutes they are nourishing your body's cells. Eating fresh fruits and vegetable is not as beneficial as their fresh juices, as solid foods have to go through the body's digestive tract and this can take several hours and requires a healthy digestive system. The nutrients from the juices are rapidly and better absorbed. Besides this with juice therapy a much higher quantity of nutrients is available to the body.

Fresh juice of vegetables and fruits is valuable for hypertension, cardiovascular and kidney diseases and obesity. Some other condition in which juice therapy is useful includes skin disease, asthma, fever, diarrhea, constipation, digestion, diabetes, jaundice. To search for juice formulae for your specific health problems consult a person who specializes in juice therapy.

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