Enjoy foods minus the bulge in winters

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May 20, 2010

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Just as it is important to stay warm and well-quilted during winter, it also important to eat healthy for the sake of our metabolism which goes for a toss during these days of reduced activity or inertia.


Cold weather is not an excuse for falling into bad eating habits. Eating smart and  healthy during winter will keep your body in top condition for the next summer. This is the season when a varied range of fresh fruits and vegetables are readily available. To maintain good health in this season we should follow a good diet as we are more prone to diseases.


We all love to eat in winter season but few things should be kept in mind while we indulge ourselves in savouring our taste buds. Giving into the  temptation of fatty  meals and snacks may satisfy your appetite but it will also pack on unwanted pounds. One of the easiest ways to counter the challenge is to include a good helping of fruits and veggies with each meals or as in-between meal snacks. Include ample amount of green leafy vegetables in your diet. When eating vegetables, many stack on fatty products such as salt and butter. Break this habit and turn to a healthier alternative by adding olive oil or fresh herbs. These items help enhance the value of vegetables instead of just catering to the taste buds. Steaming vegetables is also a great way to bring out the natural juice and flavours. This will not only help your digestive system  but also will keep you fit and fine.


In this cold weather indulge in soups to keep yourself and your family warm and full. Toss in your favourite vegetables and chopped slices of meat for added flavour in the soup. Make sure that you eat at least one fruit daily. Eating the fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins will not only make you feel good but also  nurture and nourish your skin. Don't forget to drink lots of water to keep your body from being dehydrated.


Enjoy the cold minus the bulge!

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  • Himanshu10 Nov 2012

    Good tips to stay warm and well-quilted during winter.

  • Himanshu10 Nov 2012

    Good tips to stay warm and well-quilted during winter.