Ebook Readers Can Damage Your Health And Sleep Says Harvard Sleep Study

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Dec 26, 2014

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Reading ebooks at bedtime can disturb your sleeping patterns and affect your health suggests a team from Harvard Medical School. According to the research team these light emitting devices can be injurious to one’s health.

health newsThe light emitted by most of the ebook readers shines directly in to the eyes of the reader while in case of printed book a reader is only exposed to light reflected from the pages of the book says lead study researcher Professor Charles Czeisler.

He explained how it affects overall health of a person including the disturbed sleep patterns. He added “lack of proper sleep can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases like obesity, diabetes and cancer”. Blood samples of the people who read e-book reader at bedtime show low levels of melatonin levels.

He further said that low level of melatonin is matter of great concern as lower melatonin levels indicates disturbed sleep. Such people take longer to fall asleep and had more trouble getting up in the morning.

The research focuses directly on the impact of the light on the body. Team suggested people should minimize the use of such devices in the evening especially teenagers who use phones and tablets.

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