Early Signs of Chickenpox in Babies

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Sep 07, 2011

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Chicken pox is one of the most contagious diseases that are common among children and infants. Rashes appear on the body a couple of days after the child is infected. It is caused by Varicella-Zoster virus of the herpes family. It takes about 10-20 days to heal. The risk of the infection increases during monsoon and winter season. Here are some of the early signs of chickenpox in babies.

  • Occurrence of chicken pox in the first year of a babies’ life is very rare as while the foetus is in the womb it receives antibiotics from the mother that protects against viral infection. However, even in case the baby develops chicken pox, it will not be very severe.
  • At the age of one, baby is vaccinated against chicken pox which makes chicken pox in babies mild to a great extent.
  • Occurrence of tiny, itchy bumps is one of the first signs of chicken pox in children. These bumps would take the form of blisters containing fluid in one or two days.
  • These blisters would dry in due course and would eventually fall off. However, the child would develop new blisters in the body and same thing would follow.
  • Body parts like face, abdomen and back are the worst effected areas. However, traces rashes may appear on the entire body. Some children may have more than 300 blisters on their body while other may have just few outbreaks.
  • Other early signs of chickenpox in infants may include flu symptoms as well.
  • Signs of chicken pox differ from one child to another. Some children may also have running nose along with cough and cold few days prior to chicken pox.

Chickenpox is a highly contagious disease therefore if your child has been in touch with infected person chances of infection increases. In case of a healthy baby, chicken pox does not create any complications. However, in some cases, chickenpox may also result in skin infection or pneumonia. Therefore, it is advisable to see a doctor as soon as early signs of chickenpox begin to appear.


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