Different Kinds of Cloth Diapers

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Oct 20, 2011

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Cloth diapers are easy to use and inexpensive. In addition, they rule the ground essence of hygiene. It might be surprising to know that there are multitudes of cloth possibilities available in the market for parents to choose from.

Different kinds of cloth diapers


Flat and prefold cloth diapers


Flat and prefold cloth diapers are classic cotton diapers that can be folded and secured with diaper pins to fit the baby. Prefold diapers have an extra layering in the centre . Flat and prefold diapers are not expensive cloth diapers that are available in the market. They require waterproof outer covers, which include a diaper, cover and a closure for diaper. These diapers are made of cloth that are absorbent, easy to use and clean and quick to dry.


All-in-one Cloth diapers


An all-in-one diaper acts as a one spot solution for customers looking for all the benefits of a cloth diaper plus all the basic requirements. It does not demand extra accessories, therefore helps the customers make a better choice as far as picking a diaper for the baby is concerned. An all-in-one diaper does not require either a separate soaker material to absorb or a separate cover to contain the leaks.. The most amazing aspect of these diapers is that they save a lot of space while travelling.


Pocket diapers


Pocket diapers  as the very name suggests have a pocket. They are generally made up of two layers - an outer and an inner, with a hole or a pocket to separate the two layers as a means to form an opening to insert the absorbent material that absorbs the moisture when the baby urinates..

Pocket diapers also come in two-piece diapering systems, for instance, with a waterproof outer layer, which needs only a stuffer. The market also has space for three-piece diapering systems that come with non-waterproof outer layer. They are easy to clean, available in various colours and can be very trim if the absorbent stuffing is not very bulky.


Fitted cloth diapers

Fitted cloth diapers are advancements in the evolution of cloth diapers.stays in place. These have elastic gatherings in the legs as well as waist. This ensures that the diaper fits perfectly on the baby. These diapers are not waterproof. However, they are easy to put on a baby and to put under a cover without  causing any discomfort. Some fitted diapers also have pockets for stuffing that might be necessitated by few customers.


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