Difference between PMS and Pregnancy Symptoms

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May 20, 2012

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Quick Bites

  • Postmenstrual syndrome symptoms are similar to early pregnancy signs.
  • The pain in breasts due to early pregnancy stings far more than that in PMS.
  • Need to rest in pregnancy is much more when compared to the same in PMS.
  • Feeling of nausea in the morning is often reported in pregnancy, not in PMS.

You need to be very particular about recognising the early pregnancy signs. Be very careful of the signs your body is giving and become conscious anything which makes you feel wrong.

Pregnant woman experiencing contractions

Symptoms of postmenstrual syndrome or PMS and pregnancy are much the same. Some symptoms of pregnancy like irritability, tenderness of breasts and cramps are similar to those experienced in PMS. You should know how to make out the pregnancy symptoms as different from PMS.

Postmenstrual syndrome symptoms occur one or two weeks before a woman’s monthly “period”. It is similar to early pregnancy but there are some distinguishing features –


Extreme Tiredness

In pregnancy, you begin to feel tired in a way you never experienced before. You are not able to fathom as to why it is happening and how to get rid of the feeling. Need to rest in early pregnancy is much more when compared to the same in PMS.


Tenderness of Breasts

The breasts become sensitive a week before menstruation. So, if you are experiencing the same when it is longer time to go for menstruation, it might be pregnancy. This is not all. The pain in breasts due to early pregnancy stings far more than that in PMS. Reports of inability to feel normal are not uncommon.



PMS is not known to cause nausea often. In pregnancy, feeling of nausea in the morning is often reported. It can happen after conception, from 2 weeks onwards up to 8 weeks.


Missing period

Menstrual cycles may not always be regular but if it occurs along with fatigue, nausea and very tender breasts, you should test for pregnancy.

It is very important that you take care for identifying pregnancy symptoms as soon as they show up. The earlier you realise it, the better for the baby’s care.



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  • Vandana04 Sep 2012

    Good and nice information.

  • Gungun04 Sep 2012

    Useful information

  • shar21 Jul 2012

    Hi, i had my periods on 24 june, i have pcod and currently on glycophage. I am feeling exhausted, slightly nauseated, stomachache, bleeding gums, always hungry, bloating and diarrohea. Tested negative wen i checked today. Cud i be pregnant?

  • sanchita mallick05 Jul 2012

    Hi My period happened on 12june to 17th june.then we intercoursed from the 6th day to 12th day.But the deplorable thing is that again On 27th june my period started & lasts till 2nd july...Reading the symtoms in your website, I am also going through smth like that.I got headech,bloated abdomen,feeling extermely exhausted.& sleepy and at times feeling nausea.I want to ascertain that am I pregnant or not.

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