Device May Predict Epilepsy Seizures

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May 03, 2013

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Device May Predict Epilepsy SeizuresSoon, an implanted device that monitors brain activity could help predict seizures in people with uncontrolled epilepsy. A small pilot study’s findings, reported in the journal Lancet Neurology, suggest that the device worked far better in some than others.

Based on only examination of 15 patients, the results were promising, nut needs further studies. Lead researcher of the panel, Dr. Mark Cook of the University of Melbourne and St. Vincent's Hospital in Australia, said "We just wanted to see if this is feasible, and this study shows that it is”.

The promise of predicting seizures is exciting, as the uncertainty of the disorder may dim people's quality of life. If people knew that a seizure is coming, they tend to avoid driving or swimming that day. Moreover, they will be able to adjust medication use.



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