Dental Health and Diabetes

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Jan 24, 2013

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Dental Health and DiabetesDiabetes is fast becoming one of the most commonly seen ailments in the modern urban world today. And, the other very common ailment is teeth and gum related problems. The interesting thing here is that the two are closely related. Having diabetes can increase the risk of getting teeth and gum related problems such as cavities and gum disease, but the issue of concern here is that the link works the other way round too. Having teeth and gum problems can increase your risk of getting diabetes.


Dentist Dr. N. Khanna of The Smile Clinic in East Delhi advices his patients to get regular half-yearly dental check-ups to ensure good teeth and gums hygiene. “If detected in time, gingivitis can be prevented from taking a more serious shape and cavities can be arrested too,” he says. And maintaining good oral health can help prevent diabetes as well.


Having diabetes can have a very adverse effect on teeth and gum problems. It can cause healing to become much slower, increase the incidence of fungal infections in the mouth, and even result in worse cavities in teeth. Another oral condition called xerostomia, which is the condition in which the mouth tends to get very dry can also be caused by diabetes. The problem with having a dry mouth is that in the absence of saliva, bacteria tend to thrive causing tissues in the mouth to get inflamed and make teeth more prone to decay.


The good news, though, is that all of this is easily preventable. Dr. Khanna advises that it is imperative to brush your teeth twice everyday and stresses that it is very important to floss once everyday. “In India,” he says, “people don’t give much stress to flossing, but it is as important as brushing.” And if you notice any signs of bleeding gums or any other trouble, visit your dentist immediately. And even if you think your teeth and gums are fine and you brush twice and floss once everyday, the biannual dental check-up is vital. It gives your dentist the chance to nip any trouble in the bud and as we have heard our elders tell, prevention is way better than cure. So, have you made an appointment with your dentist yet?



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