Dengue shock syndrome symptoms

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Apr 06, 2011

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  • Dengue shock syndrome is an acute condition of dengue hemorrhagic fever.
  • Serious symptoms are observed in the acute stage of dengue shock syndrome.
  • Dengue fever shock syndrome can occur after 2 to 6 days of infection.
  • Restlessness at its most severe is common in dengue shock syndrome.

Dengue shock syndrome is the most acute stage of dengue hemorrhagic fever in which the circulatory and other vital body systems of the patient reels in a shock-like state. The early symptoms of dengue shock syndrome are similar to those of dengue fever but they worsen and culminate into a shock state. The early symptoms of dengue hemorrhagic fever include fever, headache, decreased appetite, vomiting, joint and muscle aches.


dengue shock syndrome


Acute condition leading to dengue shock syndrome

If the dengue hemorrhagic fever shows the following signs, it means that dengue shock syndrome is impending –

  • Restlessness at its most severe
  • Generalised Rash
  • Ecchymosis, i.e. skin discolouration due to lack of sufficient blood
  • Petechiae – dot-like red spots on the skin
  • Aggravation of earlier symptoms


Symptoms of dengue shock syndrome

Dengue fever shock syndrome can occur after 2 to 6 days of infection and can be seen to affect the patient with –

  • Sudden collapse
  • Extreme clamminess and cool from sweating
  • Weak pulse
  • Condition of circumoral cyanosis that causes blueness around the mouth
  • Easy bruising and bleeding
  • Spitting up blood due to Hematemesis condition
  • Melena condition causing blood to come out in passing stool
  • Epistaxis condition (Nose and gum bleeding
  • Heart inflammation (myocarditis) and Pneumonia and may also result

These symptoms of dengue shock syndrome affects the children below 10 years much more severely than others.



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