Dengue Fever Rapid Test Kits

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Apr 06, 2011

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Test-KitsDengue fever test kit for rapid detection of IgG and IgM antibodies caused by Dengue infection are very important for qualitative and differential diagnosis of the disease. The blood, serum or plasma of the patient is tested for these antibodies. These are also called one-stop dengue tests. This test is used as a sort of screening test for Dengue infection and for differentiating between secondary and primary dengue viral infections.

Features of Dengue Fever Rapid Test Kits  

The features of dengue fever that are distinct from other cases of fever are severe joint pains, pain behind the eyes, severe muscle pain and skin rashes. When an individual exhibits these symptoms, particularly severe joint pains which is one of the specific dengue symptoms, the rapid dengue test kits should be used immediately. A suspected dengue patient, especially in an epidemic region can be confirmed immediately with a rapid dengue test.

Some advantages of dengue fever rapid test kit are -

  • They are highly sensitive and specific
  • No other reagents are required other than what is present in the kit.
  • Results of this dengue detection test can be read without any instrument.

These rapid tests are very important in view of the fact that early detection of dengue fever is very important. Not only for prompt treatment of the patient but also to prevent mosquitoes from biting him and spreading the infection.  Since the rapid dengue test kits enable specific and sensitive diagnosis, they are best suited for the purpose of a quick screening test.


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