Dengue Cases Soar as DBCs Continue to Strike

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Sep 25, 2012

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Dengue Cases Soar as DBCs Continue to Strike

The dengue outbreak is looming large over Delhi, as the municipal corporation staff is on strike. Responsible for checking mosquito breeding, corporation workers demand four months pay arrears.

The 3,200 DBCs (dengue breeding checkers) of Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MDC), who carry out door-to-door surveys and fumigation, have called it strike until their pay gets clear and they are regularised.

Medical institutions across the capital city of India have reported that the mosquito-borne disease cases have increased substantially over the last month. The three municipal corporations (North, South and East) claim that they have identified 34 dengue cases this year and the situation is under control.


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However, figures of a few private medical institutions reveal a different story all together. The city hospitals records show that more over 400 people have been infected with dengue this year. Max Hospital has confirmed that it has treated 280 cases of dengue this year, while
Moolchand MedCity confirmed treatment of 52 cases in the last two months.

According to Max Hospitals spokesperson, things are getting worse as dengue cases continue to increase each day. In the last two days, the institution has come across 20 more cases. The city hospitals claim that they are using IgM serology tests and NS1 antigen.

Municipal health officer of South Corporation, Dr N K Yadav, said that the private hospitals are citing higher figures, relying on rapid tests. He further added that their assessment is based on reports from 33 government hospitals and 14 major private hospitals.


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According to Dr Suranjit Chatterjee, a senior consultant at Apollo Hospital, delayed monsoon has been the cause of increasing cases of dengue. He believes that the increase in dengue infected cases may rise to the epidemic proportions, like it touched in 2006 and 2010.

Suffering Delhi residents have left hope of fumigation by MCD and have been hiring personnel themselves to carry out fogging to keep away the danger.


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