Cure eye diseases with simple exercises

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Dec 29, 2016

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  • Visual display screens, pollution and stress can all cause eye strain.
  • High stress, television and computers can impair the vision too.
  • You can cure eye diseases by following some easy exercsies.

Often in these days of high stress, television and computers we find that our vision is impaired. Visual display screens, pollution and stress can all cause eye strain. This tends to precipitate the development of refraction errors (such as short and long-sightedness and astigmatism), glaucoma and allergic eye inflammations.

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The following exercises can cure most eye diseases, both muscular and optical, if they are practised with patience. Many people who have done them over a long period of time have discarded their spectacles.


After each of the exercises the eyes should be closed and rested for at least half a minute.

Exercise 1: Palming

Sit, close the eyes and face the sun. Rub the palms of the hands together vigorously until they become hot. Place the palms over the eyes. Feel that warmth and energy are being transmitted from the hands into the eyes. After 2 to 3 minutes, remove the hands, keeping the eyes closed throughout. Repeat the exercise at least 3 times. This is best practised at sunrise. It relaxes, revitalises and recharges the optic nerves.


Exercise 2: Distant and near viewing

 Sit in the same position as exercise 5, relax the arms. Focus the eyes on your nose. Then focus on a distant object. Focus on the nose again. Repeat this process many times. Afterwards close and relax the eyes.

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Exercise 3: Up and down viewing

Maintain the same position as exercise 4. Place both fists on the knees, with both thumbs pointing upward. Keeping the arms straight, slowly raise the right thumb, while following the motion of the thumb with the eyes.


On reaching the highest elevation, slowly return to the starting position, all the time keeping the eyes focussed on the thumb without moving the head. Practise the same movement with the left thumb. Repeat 5 times with each thumb. Finally close and rest the eyes.


Exercise 4: Rotational viewing

Maintain the same body position as in exercise 3. Place the left hand on the left knee and hold the right fist above the right leg. The right thumb should point upward and the arm must be straight. Make a large circular movement with the right thumb, moving to the left, then upward, curving to the right and finally returning to the starting position. Keep the eyes focussed on the thumb without moving the head. Repeat the eyes focussed on the thumb without moving the head. Repeat this practice 5 times clockwise and 5 times anti-clockwise with each thumb. Finally close the eyes and rest.


Exercise 5: Front and sideways viewing

Maintain the same position as exercise 2, but place the left thumb on the left knee so that it points upward. Hold the right thumb to the right of the body so that it points upward. Without moving the head, focus the eyes on the left thumb, then on the right thumb and then return to the left thumb. Repeat this process 15 to 20 times, then rest and close the eyes, practising the technique mentally. Repeat the same procedure on the left side of the body.

—Vineeta Gogia

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