Cure Cancer with Vitamin A, says Study

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Sep 10, 2012

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Cure Cancer with Vitamin A says Study

The Daily Express reported that experts at the University of York that the intake of vitamin A holds the ability to control the malignant cells and hence could cure several forms of cancer.


The experts found that the cancer cells are under control of a derivative of the vitamin and it is known as retinoic acid. They believe that vitamin A could be the new answer for cancer treatment and thus they have asked people to include sufficient amount of it in their daily diet. Even though the study was carried out on prostate cancer cells, Professor Norman Maitland of the Yorkshire Centre Research believes that this treatment could apply to the other cancer cells too. However, he has warned people not to get influenced by the study results and buy vitamin A in bulk as high doses of this same vitamin could be lethal and even more cancerous, instead he advised on the intake of the vitamin through natural diet. [Read : Cancer Treatment Options]


The retinoic acid he said is already in use to treat blood cancer and is known to increase survival rate to 80 per cent.


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