Could Depression have cost Jiya Khan’s Life?

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Jun 04, 2013

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Bollywood actress Jiah KhanThe once shinning Bollywood star, Jiya Khan, was found dead in her Juhu apartment in Mumbai late the previous night. Reports claim that it was depression that drove her to take the extreme step. Jiah was still going through treatment when she finally succumbed to its consequence at too young an age when her presence in the world of glamour was still in its infancy. Whether she consumed any of the prescribed medication before hanging herself in her home is still being interrogated.

Depression has been found to lead to many a case of suicide attempts. If you know somebody who has or is expressing suicidal thoughts or has such intentions of killing self, it is important that you take the sign seriously and help the person seek medical help immediately. The best way one can know how to minimise risk of suicide is by knowing its risk factors, which vary with age, gender and ethnic group.

Some of these risk factors are:

• One or more suicide attempts in the history
• A family history of mental disorder or substance abuse
• Family violence
• Family history of suicide
• Sexual or physical abuse
• Incarceration
• Chronic physical illness
• Keeping firearms in the house
• Exposure to suicidal behaviour of other people

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