Cosmetic Fillers can Cause Permanent Blindness

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Mar 11, 2014

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Cosmetic fillers can cause irreversible eye damage when injected into the forehead, warn doctors at the Retina Vitreous Associates Medical Group in Los Angeles. The blindness can occur when the cosmetic filler gets into the blood vessels.

Cosmetic dangersThe use of cosmetic fillers in the middle part of the face – such as around the mouth – is safe. Injecting fillers into people’s foreheads can, in a rare case, cause irreversible damage to the eye. These substances are not officially approved for use near the eyes but are commonly used to remove wrinkles around the eye.

The researchers warn that the filler can accidentally seeps into blood vessels and finds its way into the eye’s artery. If this happens, the blood supply to the eye may get blocked. They studied three patients who had experienced vision loss after the treatment.

The study was published in the journal JAMA Ophthalmology.

Source: Daily Mail




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