Continual Use of Cell Phones may Cause Brain Cancer

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Nov 15, 2014

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Are you addicted to your phone? It probably is time to stop the addiction. A new study has found that the longer a person talks over the phone, the more likely he/she is to develop glioma, a deadly form of brain cancer. This duration is measured in terms of hours and years.

Brain TumourThe results of the study showed that brain tumour rates were three times more among people who talked on cell or cordless phones after more than 25 years than those who did not use them.

"The risk is three times higher after 25 years of use. We can see this clearly," Lennart Hardell, lead researcher and oncologist from University Hospital in Orebro in Sweden was quoted.

The study compared the brains of 1,380 patients diagnosed with malignant brain tumours to those who did not have any condition. Researchers also factored in mobile phone use to see if there was a direct correlation.

The findings revealed that those who used mobile phones for 20 to 25 years, or more than 1,486 hours, doubled their risk of developing glioma compared to those who used the devices for less than a year, or only up to 122 hours. Glioma is a common type of tumour that starts in the brain or spine.

Using mobile phones for more than 25 years, on the other hand, triples one's risk of developing a malignant brain tumour.

The research focussed only on the link between glioma and mobile phone use. It failed to explain how the use of mobile devices led to the development of the tumours. Hardell assumes that it might be due to the wireless phone emissions. Those who sleep with their phones near their heads are at risk.

The study was published in the journal of Pathophysiology.

Source: Business Standard
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