Complications in getting pregnant

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Jun 05, 2015

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Quick Bites

  • Irregular menstrual cycle could cause complication.
  • Weight issues can pose complications.
  • Fertility of woman decreases with age.
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome can affect any woman.

For women who desperately want to get pregnant, complications can ruin their confidence and take a toll on their mental state of mind. Complications in getting pregnant plague many women and can be both physical and psychological in nature.

Complications in getting pregnant

Irregular menstrual cycles

Women who do not have a regular menstrual cycle may face complications in getting pregnant. A regular menstrual cycle helps in woman is figuring the estimated time of ovulation. Sexual intercourse during ovulation leads to pregnancy. However, in case of irregular periods, it becomes difficult to fathom the time of ovulation properly. This uncertainty makes it difficult for couple to plan intercourse.

Weight issues

Being both overweight and underweight can pose complications in getting pregnant. Overweight women can develop irregular menstrual cycles which make conception difficult. Underweight women can develop various iron and calcium related deficiencies such as anaemia that can complicate matters when it comes to getting pregnant.


The fertility of a woman decreases with age. She ovulates less regularly and the quality of eggs also diminishes. These complications can make getting pregnant difficult for her. The chance of getting pregnant at 40 years is around 50 % for a woman, and it goes down to a paltry 2 % by the time she is 43.

Complications in getting pregnant


Polycystic ovary syndrome can affect any woman, at any age. Women with PCOS develop masculine feature, have irregular menstrual cycles and also face problems related to ovulation. PCOS is one of the major complications in getting pregnant as it affects ovulation. PCOS can be treated with medications such as fertility medicines.

Pelvic inflammatory disease

Pelvic inflammatory disease mostly affects sexually active women especially during their childbearing years. Pelvic inflammatory disease can happen in the fallopian tubes, ovary or even the uterus. It can scar tissues and organs making it difficult for the woman to conceive. Mostly pelvic inflammatory disease is the result of bacterial infections but it can happen due to a miscarriage too. It is usually treated with antibiotics.

Premature ovarian failure

In case of premature ovarian failure, the ovaries of a woman stop functioning properly because of an irregularity such as a dysfunction of the egg follicles. Premature ovarian failure may lead to irregular periods and also infertility which lead to complications when a woman tries to get pregnant. However, this condition can be treated if diagnosed in time.

Uterine fibroids

These non-cancerous tumours grow in the smooth muscle area of the uterus. Uterine fibroids however, rarely cause complications in getting pregnant. They can be easily removed by a simple surgical procedure.

STDs and UTIs

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and recurring urinary tract infection can lead to problems such as pelvic inflammatory disease which cause complications in getting pregnant.

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