Common Weight Loss Mistakes

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Nov 27, 2012
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Common Weight Loss Mistakes

A lot of you are on a journey to lose that extra weight that’s stuck on your body: unnecessary, unwanted and despised. And although, most of you are tired of throwing the unwanted guest away from your body; no matter what you do it always seems to find its way back. This is mainly because a lot of people don’t really know what the correct procedure for losing weight is. They end up commiting a lot of silly mistakes that destroys their attempt.


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We’re listing a few commonly made mistakes while attempting to lose weight:

Making food a reward – You know that brownie or the blueberry cheese cake that you share with your friend? Well, that is what is killing your attempts. After abstaining from a fat-filled dinner, you tend to think that you have achieved a lot and then go and treat yourself with some other fattening food. No, that is not the way to do it. After a good work out or after a week of healthy eating, you should not treat yourself with food. Instead get a massage done and feel rejuvenated!


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Unrealistic Expectation – Most people expect a very miraculous result from their weight loss regime. If you do an intensive work out and eat well, do not get impatient for a fast result. The result will show in a few months or probably a year’s time. All you have to do is keep faith. Moreover, do not lose your sleep, it’s very important to get good sleep!


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Depriving yourself  – Don’t just do a mindless diet in order to lose weight. You will just end up getting weak and probably bed ridden! Do not fear that you will over eat, just place a small amount of food in your plate so that you eat the amount required for you. This is important because most people end up eating way more calories that they burn.


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Skipping meals  – Skipping meals is one of the worst things that you can do. Skipping meals mean you will get extra hungry and so will tend to eat more when you do eat your next meal. Also when you do not eat, your body releases the calories that were stored and so it backfires! Try and eat small meals throughout the day, six meals per day would be good and a healthy option.


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Losing weight is a very difficult task that needs patience and hard work. Try and see a dietician so that he or she can guide you to achieve what you start. Do not ever give up.


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