Common Problems during Marriage

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Mar 18, 2013

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Common Problems during Marriage

Marriage strengthens a relationship and also stands synonymous to change and adaptability for both the partners. Many people witness failed marriages as they fail to register changes which happen in their life. Sustenance and understanding over the years is the key to a successful marriage. What can be more ideal than growing old with your partner and look back at the bitter-sweet moments spent together? Here are a few common problems that one faces during marriage:

  • Do not resist change.
  • Marriage is not like preparing the minutes of the meeting or preparing a checklist of the do’s and don’ts. Differences arise and the best way is to communicate rather than shun the partner altogether. This is bound to make relationships get better over a period of time.
  • Never take your spouse for granted. What is a priority today might not be a priority tomorrow. The faster you learn this, the better it is for the relationship.
  • Avoid carrying over the fights and arguments to bed or the following day. This creates unnecessary stress and turmoil for both the couples creating distance and ultimately a failed marriage in case of prolonged situations.
  • The most common problem faced in marriage is the inability of the couples to recover from traumas, fights and setbacks.
  • Learn to trust despite what you think your spouse did wrong. This also includes communication and the ability to forgive. Holding a grudge is the most common mistake that couples make and this takes a toll on the relationship. Anger and resentment are the common problems in marriage.
  • Marriages fall apart due to lack of commitment. Research proves that spouses have flings outside marriage or spend most of their time outside the house which creates different levels of complications and insecurities in the marriage.
  • Never hesitate to take sessions of counselling or help in case of excessive fights and misunderstandings. Research shows that couples wait for an unnecessary period of time before taking the decision to take counselling and come to realise that the matters have progressively worsened.
  • Be clear of what you expect out of a relationship. Most couples face problems in marriage because they feel scared to broach problems including separation. Divorce in such cases should be dealt with a clear mind.
  • Most people give up on their marriage easily instead of trying resolving the problem. Giving up is the easiest thing to do and shows high level of instability and lack of trust in the marriage. This is very common.

Couples should develop a positive attitude, try to save their marriages and revive their marriage once again. This is because temporary separation or divorce cannot assure you happiness. Trying to rebuild the lost love and trust in marriage is the best way to tackle disasters and lay a stronger foundation than before.


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