Common myths about love you should know

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Mar 10, 2016

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  • Common myths about love you should know.
  • Love myths are commonly believed the world over.
  • The concept of finding the right person is not illogical.
  • Lust is an important factor in any relationship.
  • Couples do not invariably stop having sex.

Love is a great feeling to say the least. The butterflies in your stomach take you to an endless journey of fantasy and romance. What we call love is quite plainly the attraction between two people, at first it starts with physical attraction and later evolves into something deeper and meaningful. Men and women in love have gone to great lengths to keep their spark alive, to stay together until the end of their lives.

While some are truly successful, others fall short of sincerity. It is important to understand what love truly means, beyond the roses and the multitude of Valentine’s Day promises. Let us debunk these myths about love and help you strengthen your ties with your partner.

Common myths about love you should know

Love is difficult

We tend to learn from popular culture that love is a very difficult thing to handle, however that is not at all true. If your love life is a long drawn drama, then, you can be rest assured that it is not true love. Of course, there will be fights on ideological differences, but true love is a beautiful thing that does not necessarily have too much drama. You would love to simply see your loved one after a long day at work, and very effortlessly you will be able to plant a kiss on her.


Find the right person

Yet another idea played over and over by popular culture and media. Finding the right person is clearly overrated and this is because you never really find the right person. Loving someone does not really mean that the person is the right one for you; it is sometimes just part of the journey and can end abruptly. The reason why most relationships end with hate is because we tend to realise that this person is not the right one for us, whereas, the truth is that it is simply part of an experience and in the future you will look for a more suitable person.


Falling out of love

It is not as if one fine day you wake up and realise that it is over, it is more a slow process. Your romance fades over time if you are unable to share your emotional being with the other person and this is the prime truth about couples who are breaking up. Simply put, you lose interest over time. Sometimes we are embarrassed to acknowledge that we are losing interest and hence we try to justify this by saying that we fell out of love. You just don’t fall out randomly; it is a conscious choice that you make.


Love without lust

In matters of loving a partner, some people like to claim that their love is beyond lust, that sex is not an important factor. But the truth is that sex and lust is vital in a relationship between two people. You do not love a plant, you love a human body and the physicality of it is of great importance. It is important to remember here that the first time when you felt an attraction towards your partner, it was a physical one, yes, lust precedes love.

In matters of love, it is important for couples to keep the spark going as more often we see couples drifting because they are not fun anymore. The myths involved with love are many, what one should always remember is to follow the heart and love unconditionally.

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