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  • vijay22 Mar 2012

    am can not able to cantineue one minute

  • John Daniel P18 Oct 2011

    Dear, We are married since six years. We don't have children. When we approached a Gynacologist, she said that my wife is a having a problem called Endometriosis. She was treated for one year. When there was no response, an IVF was done on her. At that time we came to know that there was a tube block inside. Is there any medicines to treet this tube block?

  • mk27 Aug 2011

    is there any medicine avilable to avoid premature ejaculation.

  • master24 Aug 2011

    Dear Friends I can give a simple but magical remedy for pre ejaculation. Before having intercourse with a female, masturbate at least once. This will help you to last long while actual intercourse,

  • hanamanth24 Aug 2011

    I am 49 years old man within a two Or Three strockes premature medically i am fit please advise.i will try alternative days and four play i am tension in my society work other wise i will be ok.

  • sunny23 Aug 2011

    i sometimes feel the same, stress due to hectic work schedule, which has also led me to smoking..... i used to be a cassenova in my school n college days...... but now i feel as if i have some erectile dysfunction, partly due to stress, smoking and a little obesity too.... how can i improvise... i have already quit smoking, and i'm workin on loosing weight too..... i need help, if any expert can plz help me out......

  • PRADEEP YADAV25 Jul 2011

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