Combating the pangs of old age

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Sep 24, 2010

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There comes this age when the children have grown up tall and get busy in their own individual nests, when getting social involves meetings at the community park at twilight and worst…when salaries turn into pension. Yes, the old age. Dreaded by all for its curtailment of freedom and uneasy repercussions, everyone wishes to remain young forever. Only few understand that aging is a process that is more mental than physical. And if, lived the right way, the white age can be a lot more fun than ever expected.

True, that old age makes you feel vulnerable and things change from the way they were earlier, but to set your identity firm and grasped you first need to realize that your advanced age has not diminished your worth by any least possible inch but has contributed to your wisdom. You still are that charming woman/ man who could move mountains with the inception of a little wish in the heart. So why let that hope falter now?

Realize the truth…
It is very important for you to realize that now you form the eldest clique in the social circle. So, act mature and take it easy. Enough of your life has been spent in struggling to balance your family, now is the time that you can devote to yourself.

Health comes first…
You know that your age is advancing and thus you cannot afford to neglect it in any case. Sulking and thinking morbid will only aggravate your health issues. So, do not give up your exercising sessions. You may also foray into practicing yoga for it benefits in tranquilizing a disturbed state of mind.


Alternate profession…
You may go for professions that do not depend on age. Go through the classifieds and find out the details. One such option is freelance writing. All it requires is intellect and good communication skills. Search for professions that best suit your personality.

Batch up with your old friends. Being peers they might also be going through a similar phase in life. All of you can reinvigorate that youth once you are together. Hang out with them and love your freedom. Socialize so that you never have to feel alone.

Develop your hobbies…
Remember your busy schedules never allowed you to spare a single moment for those little past times you indulged in earlier? So utilize this time to cultivate those long forgotten hobbies of yours. Beautify your neglected garden, paint your hidden desires, carve proses, redecorate your house interiors or do simply anything that pleases you. You may even just gaze at the starry sky or try to figure out those funny silhouettes in clouds. Really, it is fun.

Rekindle your love-life…
Undoubtedly, love is one of the most important aspects of life. Work seldom gives one sufficient time to be allotted for the mate. So now, re-ignite your love story. Spend quality time with your partner and recompense for that every moment lost now.

You may cook together, go on dawn-dusk walks, read out to each other and may also explore the city. It is a good idea to go for a short holiday to break the monotony of the city life to a peaceful place. The bottom line is to spend time with one another. This companionship will certainly give you a high.

Go for a pet…
Adopt a pet if the feeling of loneliness lurks. It will be a good deed in your worldly account as well. You can pour your heart out to your pet as well as make it as your companion. Also, as crimes victimizing the elderly are increasing, your pet dog will guard for you.

Make the most of it...
Old age is concomitant with the fear of death. This very fear steals away precious moments that could otherwise be bliss. Death will come when it has to, so why sacrifice the time that is available in fretting over it? So make that most of your time.

Keep positive…
All the wonderful years that have just slipped have made you much wiser and have certainly added to your intellect. Be positive and add more life to your years ahead. Make your each day lively and memorable.

Serve the society…
You can play the most important role in the society. You may render help to disillusioned youth who may come up to you to seek advice regarding your worldly wisdom. You can sensitize the masses against social evils and importance of education. In fact you may also venture into teaching some of the poverty stricken. Moreover, you can plant some trees and take regular care of them.

Take pride in yourself…
It is crucial for you to become conscious of the fact that you are one person that has lived a life of dignity and thus need no sympathy or pity in regard to your advancing age. You were and are still capable of tackling every challenge that life throws your way. Old age is one such challenge that has to be overpowered by you. So, just hold the gears tight and make your drive smooth and hassle free.


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