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Jul 28, 2011

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There are a lot of people who love traveling with a truckload of travel baggage. It is certainly not an intelligent idea because you must always travel light. To do that you must know the difference between essential and important. So, let us glance through a few essential items which you must include in your travel check list.


1.    Minimum and Comfortable Clothing:


Depending upon your travel stay and purpose you must prepare you travel checklist.

  • Hot country: Carry cotton clothes, extra pair of undergarments and at least one clothing with full sleeves to protect you from both sun and mosquito bites.
  • Cold country: Carry enough woollens to protect you from frost.
  • Moderately hot and cold country: Carry clothes which can dry easily. 

The bottom line is to travel light and practical.


2.    Travel Backpack


Your travel backpack must have the following features:

  • Lightweight.
  • Hip and back straps.
  • Sturdy frame structure.
  • Small padlock.
  • Water proof.

Don’t stuff your backpack completely. Leave 20-30% space free to stack items necessary while on travel.


3.    Eye wear:


If you wear contact lenses or glasses, make sure you take the following few with you:

  • Disposable contacts.
  • Lens wash or lens solution.
  • Extra pair of glasses.
  • Sunglasses.


4. Be Light-footed:

  • For hot climates carry sports sandals and flip flops.
  • For moderately hot and cold countries it is ideal to carry half-shoe or sandal worn with water proof socks.
  • For cold climates take boots and shoes to keep you warm. And if you’re going on a hiking trip you must carry hiking boots.
  • Carry 2-3 extra pair of socks. 


5.  Medical Kit:


Must haves in your medical kit are as follows:

  • Cold/flu pills.
  • Antiseptic and antibiotic cream.
  • Alcohol based sanitizer.
  • Motion sickness pills.
  • Wet wipes.
  • Anti-histamine pills.
  • Vitamin supplements.
  • Immune booster.


If you keep the above tips in mind not only will you enjoy your travel stay but will also literally travel light. Wish you a safe, memorable and light travel.



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