Chances of Pregnancy with One Fallopian Tube

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Jan 25, 2013

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For women wanting to get pregnant, the correct positioning of the ovaries and the fallopian tube play a major role. For those suffering from a blocked fallopian tube, the chances of pregnancy diminish by 50%. This is because, in such cases, only one fallopian tube is available for carrying the sperms to the ovaries for fertilisation. The fact that the chances of pregnancy with one fallopian tube are reduced by half is more a myth than a fact. Whether a woman can successfully conceive with one fallopian tube or not will depend on various other factors.

Chances of Pregnancy with One Fallopian Tube

  • If either of the fallopian tubes is functioning normally, there is no reason why a woman cannot conceive normally. This is subject to the fact that she tracks her basal body temperature and plans the sexual intercourse to coincide with the ovulatory cycle. In such cases, the chances of getting pregnant would be as ripe as in the case of a woman with two healthy fallopian tubes.
  • Normally, the egg is produced into the tube that’s closer to the ovary. If this tube is located in the opposite side, there could be a major problem. These issues, however, can be addressed with the aid of an IUI, IVF or such other forms of productive assistance.
  • Chances of pregnancy with one fallopian tube will depend on the overall health of the patient in question. For example, if she has normal menstrual cycles with no problems in ovulation or conception, there is no reason why she would not be able to conceive normally.
  • In certain cases of blocked fallopian tube, the problem can be treated with the aid of a laparoscopic surgery, which can rectify matters.
  • Women with one fallopian tube should remain under constant medical supervision. Their medical condition must be monitored from repeatedly in order to avoid associated complications.
  • In certain cases, the fallopian tube may be partially blocked. In such cases, neither can the egg reach its destination nor can the sperm  establish direct contact with it. Also, a tubular pregnancy becomes a ripe possibility. The sperm fertilises the egg and the embryo gets lodged into the tube. Tubular pregnancies will require surgeries for complete removal.

The chances of pregnancy with one fallopian tube are therefore, bright. It all depends on how proactive you are about your care and supervision.



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