Causes of Watery Eyes in Children

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Aug 26, 2011

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Watery eyes are often a condition commonly prevalent in babies and young children. Although not considered potentially harmful, it can be the cause of severe discomfort for the child. Usually, watery eyes in children are a result of excessive secretion of tears. Tears are produced in the tear glands which are present right under the skin of the eye. They travel through the tear glands to the tear sac. From here, it passes out through the naso lachrymal duct, which is present inside the nose. Whenever there is some sort of disruption in this entire mechanism, kids suffer from excessive watery eyes.

Probable Causes of Watery Eyes in Children

  • Tear Sac Infection: An infection in the tear sac could be one of the most common reasons behind excessive wateriness in the eyes of small children. In this case, the tear sacs get blocked and become susceptible to various types of major and minor infections. It will also cause blockage in the tear ducts which carry tears from the sac to the naso lachrymal duct. Therefore, the tears get stagnated into the sac, unable to flow out. As a result of accumulation of tears, the eyes would appear watery all the time. A tear sac infection is akin to an abscess which occurs in other parts of the body.
  • Blockage in the Naso Lachrymal Duct: Most often, babies are born with tear ducts which are slightly narrower than normal. In a majority of these cases, widening of the ducts takes place on its own. Once they are widened, the wateriness is resolved immediately. However, in some rare cases, conjunctivitis might cause persistent wateriness and makes the eye appear visibly red as well. If the ducts do not widen on their own, a small surgery has to be performed for widening the ducts. The procedure is a simple one conducted under the supervision of a specialist anaesthetist.
  • Allergies: Watery eyes in children can also be caused due to allergies or rashes in and around the eye area. Most often, kids scratch their eyes leading to redness and watery eyes.

Wateriness of eyes in children should be addressed immediately. As soon as you detect the condition, you should take your child to an eye specialist for effective treatment. In most cases, doctors would advise simple solutions for taking care of the problem.



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