Causes of Erection Problems in Male

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Apr 28, 2015

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  • Psychological problems can cause erectile dysfunction.
  • Erection problems can occur due to use of addictive substances.
  • Certain medication can have adverse effects.
  • Medical conditions can increase erection problems.

Man in tensionErection problems in males are inability to have an erection, inability to get a hard enough erection for intercourse or inability in sustaining the erection long enough till the end of intercourse for orgasm. There are different causes of these problems but most of them can be treated after being discovered.

Erectile Dysfunction Causes


Causes of Erection Problems in Men

Psychological Problems

Very often men fail to get an erection despite there being nothing wrong about their physical health. Two major psychological problems are performance anxiety or stress from any reason. The anxiety of whether or not they will do well in the sexual performance gets the better of men often. They cannot relax enough for sex. Stress from relationship problems, financial troubles or work brings about the same problem for men. At times men who do not find their partner attractive or emotionally fulfilling cannot get erection. Illnesses such as depression can also lead to erection problems.

Substance Abuse

Abuse of addictive substances such as alcohol, cocaine, marijuana and even nicotine found in cigarettes causes erection problems in men. The abnormal nervous system and distorted body chemistry due to substance abuse can and does cause erection problems.

Erectile Dysfunction Causes


Certain medications have an adverse effect on men’s erection. In particular medications for treatment of heart diseases, blood pressure, insomnia and depression develop such complications in men that cause erection problems.  These medications increase the risk of erection dysfunction by adversely affecting your nerve impulses or the blood flow to your penis.



Accidental injuries to penile arteries or nerve fibres can lead to erection problems. The damage to penile arteries and nerve fibres can also be due to radiation therapy or certain surgeries such as prostate surgery.


Some medical conditions affecting the vascular system increase the risk of erection problems in men. High cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart and thyroid problems, diabetes and other conditions that have an effect on the blood flow to the lower body parts result in erectile problems for men. Neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease can also cause erection problems in men.

The erection problems such as erectile dysfunction can come with age but it is not always due to ageing. In any case, many young men are being affected by these conditions. Some problem in erection may be experienced by all men but if they do not get over of their own, you need to consider visiting your healthcare provider.

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  • msi12 Dec 2012

    How to increase my penis and long time sex

  • Amarnath11 Dec 2012

    I have erection problem since i have used a ayurvedic oil (sizer) from 1 and half year. When I met a ED Specialist 3 months back he suggested me a testerone injection, followed by arginine 2 tablets and 5 mg tadalfil. I had continued for 4 days by skipping testerone injection. Later I don't have erection, my penis has become absolutely soft...Even though I get erection I don't get strong and it doesn't sustain. Pls provide me a solution. . .

  • Radha Krishnan10 Dec 2012

    I am 54 years old.I did have a healthy sex life,but until recently I wont climax even though I become hard.What can I do to overcome this problem

  • Vishl06 Dec 2012

    Hello i m vishal. My penis is small. Erection is not proper. Within a min i ejaculate .. is there any solution?

  • GameT20 Oct 2012

    Im in my mid fourties and was always healthy, until I started having erection problems. I did some online research and spoke with my trainer at the gym. He recommend the HGH Spray by Dr Max Powers. I ordered it online after reading some reviews (and my trainer takes it for 3 months every year), so I decided to try it. It did help me at the gym (which was great), but it also helped with they erection problems I was having. It breathed new life into my body sort of. But you should only take it 3

  • naresh24 Sep 2012

    naresh (24 Sep 2012) iam 24 years old my penis too small my marriage is soon please tell solution please is there any treatment

  • Rahul08 Jul 2012

    am 28 years old married one year ago. My penis erection doesn't last too long, because of which I can't insert it properly. Also, my panis is too much small(lenth 4.00 inch)soplz will you tell me how can i grow my panis.What should I do? Is their any medicine for long lasting erection

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    I have Erection problem since 2 years, can any one tell, what should i do for this.......

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