Understand the Causes for Facial Rashes and How you can Treat them

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Jun 02, 2014

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Quick Bites

  • The diagnosis differs with age, type of the skin.
  • Rashes could happen due to acne.
  • Food and drugs can also cause rashes on your face.
  • Correct diagnosis can give the right treatment.

Rashes on the face can be due to many causes. Most common conditions we see are due to Acne, Rosacea, Light / Radiation allergies, contact and food allergies, fungal infections amongst the same. Along with this there are other uncommon causes too. A detailed history and investigations are normally required to reach a diagnosis. Once we diagnose correctly, the right treatment plan can be worked out for the patient. The diagnosis differs considering age, type of the skin, any allergic history etc.

treatment for skin rashes

Causes and Treatments:


It is skin condition that involves oil glands at the end of hair follicles. Acne is normally seen during the puberty ages. There is no specific treatment for it but it can be controlled. Depending on the grade of acne, various creams and oral medications are used. Today, along with medical treatment we have a range of cosmeceutical treatments like chemical peels and lasers. Post pubertal acne however requires a more detailed history with investigations to confirm the diagnosis. These would require more long term medical treatment and follow ups. The most common areas on which acne is seen are face, neck, and chest.


It is a chronic condition mimicking acne at times and it affects all age types. Such patients give history of exarcebations with sunlight exposure, spicy foods and excessive intake of coffee and tea, which make it worse. In addition to the above, it can also get triggered due to severe sunburns, stress, and anxiety and moving from extremely hot environment to extremely cooler. Treatment is medical and which involve oral tablets and topical creams. The patient has to continue the same for quite a long time. Triggering factors need to be identified and avoided. Salicylic acid based treatments have also proven to be helpful.

Light allergies

Some people are very sensitive to light and radiation and since the facial skin gets exposed a lot; they may manifest with rashes. A detailed history is again a very important factor here to treat the problem. Patient is recommended to use correct sunscreen lotions or creams along with medicated creams or ointments can help in giving relief to the patient.

treatment for skin rashes

Fungal infections

These are common which can affect your skin, nails and hair. Fungal skin infections cause a various types of rashes which are itchy, scaly and often leave a dry patch on the skin. These infections can be easily treated with antifungal remedies.

Contact / Food / Drug allergies

As the name suggests, the symptoms are due to a reason. Identification of the irritant substance and local anti inflammatory treatment suffices.

Make-up and wrong sunscreens

common cause of face allergies nowadays are make-up and sunscreens. With the huge influx of creams and make up and unfortunately nobody guiding the consumer as to what is good for their skin, there has been an increase in number of cases coming up.

Article source: Sunrise Hospitals

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