Casual Sex Can Lead to Long-Term Relationships

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Dec 06, 2011

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Casual sex can lead to long term relationships

Whether to have casual sex or not is a hot debate. If we go by the popular dating rules, casual sex is a complete ‘no’, especially in the beginning of the relationship; but a new study conducted at the University of Iowa suggests that casual sex can lead to a meaningful relationship.


For the study, the researchers analysed data accumulated from various surveys that included various people who were in a relationship. The participants (642 heterosexual adults) included couples who had casual sex in the beginning of their relationship and couples who waited for sex until their marriage. Both the group of participants were asked many questions concerning their relationship. Questions asked included those related to their relationship quality and how much they loved their partner. Furthermore, intimacy and satisfaction level of the relationship was also assessed.


Paik, a professor in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and chief researcher of the study said, "we don’t find strong evidences to prove that a couple who started as a mere hook-up had a low quality relationship than the couples who waited longer".


Study also revealed that people who delayed sex had a rewarding relationship, but there is also a great possibility that a couple that started their relationship with casual sex ended up with true love.
Although, it is great that some people find love from their hook-ups, it is safer to follow the old dating approach and wait till you know each other well.


Researchers of the present study opine that living together before marriage is not a bad idea, but the National Centre for Health Statistics claims that living together before marriage does not increase the chances of successful and happy relationship.


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