Car Safety Measures for Kids

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Feb 05, 2013

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Measures for car safety for children include


• Car seat:


Does my child need a car seat?


Several parents consider this. The answer is yes. Children up to 3 years should be preferably made to sit in a car seat. You can regard buckling your little one into a car seat as an important investment for safety. Even when you are going for a short drive, say to the local supermarket use your car seat. Several types of car seats are available in the market. Practically all are technically safe. Do not get a second hand car seat. Purchase a car seat from a reputed shop and that is manufactured by a good company. Read the instruction manual properly for installing it correctly in your car. Buckle your child securely in the seat. Put the car seat in the middle of the back seat. If you have two small children put one in the middle of the back seat and the other on the left side where you can see him or her more easily than when they are right behind you.


• Don’t use front seat: Never let your child younger than 13 years sit the front seat. Injuries are more severe in an accident, if the child is in the front seat. Some of the newer cars in India have air bags. The air bags can cause serious head and neck injuries to a child sitting in the front seat when it inflates. If you have to put your child in the front seat, pull the seat as far back as possible. If your car has air bag in it, turn off the air bag on ‘off’ switch.


Importance of seat belts


Back seat is the safest place for your child to sit. Put on the seat belt as well. If your car has child lock for windows and doors put them on.



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