Cancer Hospitals, Test Centers and Institutes in China

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Jan 01, 2011

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Side effects of Bone Cancer Treatment: Side effects of bone cancer treatment depend on the method of treatment, the age of the patient and location of the tumour. Some of the side effects are permanent and some side effects are temporary. Three types of treatments which are used for bone cancer are surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.


Some side effects of bone cancer treatment are

  • anaemia, fever and sterility
  • a reduction in the resistance to infection.
  • It affects the  appetite and causes vomiting, nausea and mouth sores
  • Hair-loss
  • Low energy and poor stamina
  • a restricted growth of blood forming cells.

In this section you can find out complete details of well approved cancer hospitals, cancer institute’s and cancer centers in China with their Contact Numbers, Address and other details.


List of Cancer Hospitals, Institutes and Centers in China


1. Cancer Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences

China Beijing Chaoyang Guangqumen South Binhe Road,


Phone No. +86 10 6778 1331 ‎

2. Huizhou Municipal Central Hospital Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic

Eling North Road, Huicheng,

Huizhou, Guangdong, China

Phone No. +86 752 228 8262 ‎

3. Shantou University Medical College Tumor Hospital

7 Raoping Road, Jinping,

Shantou, Guangdong, China

Phone No. +86 754 8855 5844 ‎


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