Can a Relationship Survive without Intimacy?

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Oct 05, 2011

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Can a Relationship Survive without Intimacy

A relationship thrives on complex emotions comprising of several prerequisites. We should be able to share our true selves with each other and promote deeper bonding. This is probably what we call intimacy in a relationship. Can a relationship survive without intimacy? In order to find answers, understanding the correlations between the two is important.


Can a Relationship Survive without Intimacy?


  • Intimacy in a relationship can be of two major types, emotional intimacy and physical intimacy. The first one is the precursor for the other. In case you aren’t emotionally intimate with your partner, physical intimacy might not come naturally. After all, physical intimacy is a vivid expression of the extent to which you are compatible and comfortable with your partner.
  • Emotional intimacy is often the manifestation of the deep emotional bond you are sharing with your partner. In case there isn’t emotional intimacy to speak of, there is nothing to hold back on when the equation goes temporarily wrong! In such a case, can a relationship survive without intimacy when it is tiding a rough patch? Most likely, no. When there is no emotional attachment to fall back on, partners are likely to tread their diverse individual paths, subsequently.
  • Emotional intimacy when manifested through simple actions of physical intimacy brings in a sense of security into the relationship. Holding hands or hugging each other, are crucial for being able to feel safe and secure each other’s company. When such physical expressions of intimacy aren’t present, partners might end up feeling lonely, insecure and sort of fragmented.
  • In certain cases, lack of intimacy issues can also stem from the imbalance of preferences amongst partners. For example, emotional intimacy may be more important than physical intimacy for one partner. Whereas, the case might be quite the opposite for the other! In such cases too, a sense of lack in intimacy might prevail, albeit from different perspectives. Can a relationship survive without intimacy in such cases? Yes, it can! The problem here is only lack of communication. All you need to do is talk things out and strike a balance between the two.

Although each case is distinctly different from the other, there is reason to believe that complete lack of intimacy might be potentially harmful for a lifelong relationship. It is important to express love in order to continue to be loved forever.


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