Can Office Romance get you Fired?

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Jul 03, 2012

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Can Office Romance get you Fired

Having a steamy affair in office can put you in trouble. Office romance is no surprise given that half of the day is spent at work, but it can get you fired, warns relationship psychologist, John Aiken. He says, that a bad office romance can possibly result in your boss firing you, loss of goodwill in the office, becoming a prey to gossipmongers and isolation at workplace.

According to a study of RSVP Date of the Nation, almost 28 per cent of professionals are romantically involved with their colleagues. John says that one must check his/her HR policies in advance to learn about the repercussions of having an affair in the organisation.


Dating your boss or a senior can make your co-workers to treat you differently. Office romance can multiply enemies, make people feel uncomfortable around you and breed jealousy.

Office romance is plainly complicated and an ugly split-up can make one's work go haywire and lead to sharing awkward moments.



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