Can Dry Skin Cause a Rash?

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Dec 15, 2011

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Allergy in foot

Dry skin is a common phenomenon that’s mostly caused due to environmental factors. For instance, excessive dryness of skin or xerosis can be an effect of the onset of winter accompanied by low humidity levels, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, air conditioning or central heating systems and similar factors. Furthermore, dry skin can also be a result of inappropriate usage of skin care products, excessive bathing and washing, inappropriate diet and so on; but, can dry skin cause a rash? Well, depending on the associated conditions responsible for it, dry skin has often been associated with itchy rashes as well.

Can Dry Skin Cause a Rash?

  1. Dryness of skin is often the result of serious dermatological problems. Some of the common ones include eczema, hives, scabies, psoriasis and so on. If the dryness of the skin is on account of these conditions, they can often be accompanied by severe itchiness and rashes. Chicken pox is another ailment that can result in dry, scaly skin, erupting into rashes and boils.
  2. Skin dryness could often be the manifestation of certain internal illnesses. For example, you might be suffering from anaemia, kidney problems and celiac disease. In such cases too, the skin tends to become itchy and patches of rashes  develop on the skin as well. The rashes might subsequently aggravate as a result of excessive itching.
  3. Another of the most common causes of skin dryness is allergies. You might develop an allergy to certain chemicals, cosmetics, soaps, woollen garments etc. In such cases too, the skin is likely to develop dry and itchy patches. The eruption of rashes is also common in such cases.
  4. Often, medical allergies would cause skin dryness. Drugs categorized under antibiotics, pain medications, anti fungal formulations etc, are often blamed for causing dryness of skin accompanied by widespread rashes and itching.
  5. Dry skin rashes are also common during pregnancy. The lack of moisture in the skin during this time can lead to itchy rashes that can cause major discomfort.

Therefore, can dry skin cause a rash? Well, in a lot of cases, it is usually followed by itchiness resulting in rash. Dry skin conditions are best treated by proactive hydration of the skin through application of moisturising and protective formulations. In case you are suffering from a specific skin condition, medical intervention would have to be sought before deciding on which product to use. Your diet should also be micromanaged for keeping skin dryness at bay.


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