Burning Mouth Syndrome: When should one seek medical advice?

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Sep 29, 2012

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Quick Bites

  • Burning mouth syndrome, also referred to as scalded mouth syndrome.
  • It can cause chronic burning pain in the mouth.
  • Consult your dentist if you have pain or soreness on tongue, lips or gums.
  • The treatment is based on your signs and symptoms,

Burning mouth syndrome, also referred to as scalded mouth syndrome, burning tongue syndrome, burning lips syndrome, glossodynia and stomatodynia can cause chronic burning pain in the mouth. Pain in burning mouth syndrome may involve the tongue, gums, lips, inner side of cheeks, roof of the mouth, or at times even the whole mouth.  Pain in this condition can be severe, as if the mouth is scalded. The exact cause of burning mouth syndrome is not





The following are the symptoms of the condition.

  • Burning sensation in the mouth that may affect the tongue, lips, gums, palate, throat or whole mouth
  • Tingling or numb sensation in the mouth or on the tip of the tongue
  • Worsening mouth pain with progression of day
  • Feeling of dry mouth
  • Increase in thirst
  • Sore or painful mouth
  • Altered or loss of taste

Pain in burning mouth syndrome has variable characteristic ---such as mild pain on waking but worsening of pain as the day progresses, or severe pain from morning or intermittent pain (some days there is pain and some days may be entirely pain-free). Although this syndrome can cause severe pain and many other symptoms no noticeable physical changes are seen on the tongue or mouth.


When to Seek Medical Advice and Treatment

Consult your dentist if you have pain or soreness on tongue, lips, gums, cheeks or other areas of your mouth.

There's no one sure cure for burning mouth syndrome. Your doctor will treat you based on your signs and symptoms, and the probable underlying condition. Treatment of the underlying cause can improve the symptoms of burning mouth syndrome. However if the symptoms are not secondary to an underlying disease treatment can be challenging.

The treatment options for the condition include:

  •     Anticonvulsant medication clonazepam given in lozenge form
  •     Alpha-lipoic acid, which is an antioxidant produced naturally in the body
  •     Medications to treat oral thrush
  •     Some antidepressants
  •     Multivitamins and B vitamins
  •     Psychological counseling
  •     Some specific oral rinses or mouth washes
  •     Saliva replacement agents

Surgery is generally not recommended for burning mouth syndrome.



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